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Pet Guidelines

Updated 5 March 2024

We want to make camping easy and enjoyable for the whole family, which includes your pet. In order to maintain our family atmosphere and to ensure that all who stay at Hosanna leave with an exceptional camping experience, please carefully read and observe the following.

  1. Our philosophy is: your dog, your responsibility for their behaviour and their mess. Dogs must be under their owner’s supervision at all times.

  2. Your dog must be on leash at all times. There are no exceptions to this.
  3. If you are staying in our accommodation, we do not permit dogs be inside huts, cabins or our Homestead. They may sleep outside your cabin on the deck or beside your hut. If it is found that your dog has been inside the accommodation or in the beds, we reserve the right to charge a $50 cleaning fee per hut or cabin and $150 for the Homestead and recover any damage costs that may occur as a result of having your dog within our accommodation. 

  4. Please be considerate of other guests when walking your dog on the property. Droppings must be picked up and disposed of immediately.

  5. Dogs are not permitted inside any Hosanna buildings, including the dining and kitchen facilities.

  6. We are happy for your dog to swim in the creek at any time. If you would like your dog to swim in the dam, swimming hours are prior to 8:30am and after 5:30pm when there are less people using the dam facilities. Dogs must not go on the tyres or kayaks as they will damage them.

  7. At Hosanna, many of our farm animals are free range and roam around our property. We ask that dogs are kept away from the paddock fence lines and animal stalls. Dogs must not be allowed to chase or intimidate any of our farm animals as this is their home and their environment.

  8. Dogs that pose a health or safety risk may not remain onsite. These include those that cause damage to our property or that of other guests, are too disruptive, are not properly attended, or demonstrate undue aggression.

  9. These guidelines are in place to ensure the enjoyment of Hosanna Farmstay for everyone. If these terms are not followed, we may ask you to vacate the property. Unfortunately, in these circumstances we are unable to provide you with a credit or refund for the unused portion of your stay.

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