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About Us

Our mission is:

  1. To provide a natural and wholesome space that offers exceptional family camping, an immersive, free-range, farm experience & a celebration of community.

  2. To serve as a point of connection between the public and the global regenerative farming movement by showcasing proven, scalable farming practices.

Hosanna welcomes families and individuals, church and community groups, small schools and corporate retreats. Our Farmstay was developed with a desire to establish a camp style venue based on a Christian worldview, values and lifestyle. This includes a responsibility to respect and attentively cultivate the earth for the benefit of vegetation, livestock and our own well being. At the heart of Hosanna is a community of people that live according to this desire and the above mission. We are aligned with and supported by the larger Christian Community. We are also supported by and follow the local, national and international regenerative farming movement.

Regenerative Agriculture as applied at Hosanna is a holistic system of farming principles and practices that is focused on enriching soil health and vitality through pasture biodiversity and the integration of farm animals into the process to grow healthy topsoil that sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and stores it back in the ground. 

At Hosanna we seek to achieve this by increasing pasture quality through strategic no-till seeding, carefully managed high density strip grazed cattle rotations, that mimic the natural process and symbiotically using free range pasture feed chickens and pigs to optimise soil health and farming productivity. As a result the soil also retains more water, improving its drought resistance, and the entire surrounding ecosystem and subsequent farming communities benefit, including the customers who can purchase nutrient rich, chemical free food. Our aspiration is to inspire our guests to make more informed food choices, ultimately encouraging them to seek out and support like-minded, regenerative and sustainable farms and businesses.

You can find out more about our farming philosophy and operations here.

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